This is a system of techniques and methods of influencing the executors with the help of a specific comparison of costs and benefits (material incentives and sanctions, financing and lending, salary, cost, profit, price). It should be noted that in addition to the purely personal participants in the process, they pursue both public and group goals. The main methods of management here are the system of wages and bonuses, which should be as closely related to the results of the activities of the contractor. It is advisable to link the remuneration of the manager with the results of his activities in the area of ​​responsibility or with the results of the activity of the whole company. In order to know more about Management Coaching Skills and Methods, you must go through this article and must seek help from the internet.

Organizational and administrative methods of management

These are direct impact methods that are prescriptive and mandatory. They are based on discipline, responsibility, authority, coercion.

  • Organizational methods include
  • organizational design  
  • regulation  
  • rationing

At the same time, specific persons and specific dates of performance are not indicated. Organizational methods are based on typical situations, while administrative methods are mostly specific to situations.

Usually administrative methods are based on organizational

The essence of organizational regulation is to establish rules that are mandatory for implementation and determine the content and order of organizational activity (company regulations, company articles of association, company standards, regulations, instructions, planning rules, accounting, etc.) Organizational rationing includes the norms and standards for the expenditure of resources in the course of the firm’s activities. Regulation and rationing are the basis of the organizational design of new and existing firms. Dispositional methods are implemented in the form of.  

  • Order  
  • Regulations  
  • Orders  
  • Briefing  
  • Teams  
  • recommendations

Production management is carried out on the basis of legal norms that relate to organizational, property, labor and other relations in the production process. Socio psychological management methods are also very important. Since people are participants in the governance process, social relations and the corresponding management practices that reflect their importance are closely related to other governance practices. These include.  

  • moral encouragement  
  • social planning  
  • conviction  
  • suggestion  
  • personal example  
  • regulation of interpersonal and intergroup relations  
  • creation and maintenance of the moral climate in the team
  • executive Motivation
  • prerequisites for successful active execution work are the capabilities of the performers
  • know (information about the targets or activities for which the decision was made)  
  • dare (these attitudes and events should be “permissible” for performers, including not to violate legal and ethical standards)  
  • performers must have the means to perform the commissioned
  • they must be motivated

Under the motive understand the motivation of human behavior, based on the subjective feelings of deficiencies or personal incentives. The motives of human behavior have a certain hierarchy.

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